Troubled By A Blocked Drain In Your Residence? Here’s A Quick Guide To Clear It In Minutes

By Hudson Leighton Sep29,2023

Blocked drains are a prevalent enough plumbing issue to warrant their category. It’s best to be ready to cope with a blockage, as they can occur anytime. If you don’t fix clogs in your drains, water will back up, flood your house, or ruin your office. If the obstruction is severe enough, the pipes may burst, requiring even more expensive repairs. The most common approaches for drain clearance london are discussed here.

Drain Unclogging Tips

Although it is recommended that you have a professional take care of a clogged drain, you can try a few easy home solutions first. If you need help clearing up a clogged drain, try one of these easy solutions:


Half-fill the sink and change out of your nicest clothing. Make sure there is water (not air) in the plunger before you utilise the water pressure to dislodge the clog.

Cover the drain hole with the plunger and apply moderate but steady pressure to break up the clog. If the water drains too slowly, you must repeat the process. You did a good job if it swiftly drains away once you remove the obstruction.

Coat Hanger

Make a little hook by straightening a wire hanger and bending over one end. To get rid of any muck or hair, you should work this past the drain cover. After that, you can restore normal operation by flushing with hot water. When the clog is inside the first 5cm to 10cm of the drain, this method works the best.

Drain Snake

A plumbing ‘ snake’ or ‘auger’ is fantastic for eliminating tough clogs and is especially helpful in dislodging hair and other debris if the obstruction is too deep to be unclogged using a coat hanger. A drain snake is a flexible wire coil that is “snaked” (get it?) through the drain to find and remove the clog’s source.

Boiling Water

If grease buildup is to blame for the clogged drain, boiling water can be poured to loosen the clog. Since the grease has built up regardless of the water temperature, it is recommended to boil some water in a kettle or a large saucepan and then slowly pour it down the drain for drain clearance london.

Boiling water can harm pipes, so it’s best to avoid this if you have PVC piping. It may take numerous cycles of pouring hot water down your drain and waiting to cool before it helps dislodge the clog.


Coke and Pepsi’s acidic nature makes them better suited for a drain than the stomach lining. Similar to commercial clog removers, it can clear certain obstructions. You can slowly pour room-temperature Coke or Pepsi down the drain. Put it alone for an hour, then rinse it with hot water.


Now you know how to clear blocked drain. Some are immediately apparent, while others may require some creative thinking. Try some of the recommended home cures when you see telltale indications, including gurgling sounds, slow emptying, and unpleasant odours. A plumber must be called in if that doesn’t do the trick.

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